I have often been asked "what is the key to a perfect skincare solution?" Most skincare products advertise penetrative cosmetic ingredients or multiple active ingredients, whereas the true key to effective skincare is a good water base and high quality ingredients. If the product contains only one or the other, it will be far from effective. In light of this perspective, as a beauty expert I highly recommend Mediplus Gel. Mediplus Gel uses high quality thermo spring water as its water base, and contains highly penetrative hydrating ingredients as well as 29 other nourishing cosmetic ingredients. It contains no paraben preservatives, and this insistence on zero additives makes it so soothing and gentle to the skin.

Urban women are increasingly overburdening their delicate skin with too many bottles of facial lotions, emulsions, serums, and creams. When too much of a product is applied and patted onto the skin, excessive contact burdens the skin and may even cause tears and abrasions. If this continues, the skin will become increasingly fragile and damaged. People usually take care not to rub their skin too hard when cleansing, but this is often overlooked when applying skincare to their skin. Mediplus Gel is a skincare product that nourishes the skin with just one bottle. In comparison with the friction caused by applying multiple bottles of lotions, emulsions, and creams, Mediplus Gel eliminates the need for excessive contact and possible damage to the skin.

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