Q: How long does the gel last?

A: The validity period is two years after purchase if unopened. It is recommended that product is used within six months once opened. Please use as soon as possible after opening to ensure freshness. The gel is most effective when at its premium condition. Recommended usage period is within 3 months after opening. Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Q: Can I use Mediplus Gel together with face lotion or emulsion? What is the order of application?

A: It is completely compatible with other skincare products. This all-in-one product takes care of all your skin's daily needs. If you feel like having an extra boost, just apply it a few more times or use additional serums or other skincare products after applying Mediplus Gel.

Q: How much gel should be used in each application to achieve the best results?

A: In the morning, press twice lightly for the recommended facial application amount. For evenings, please press lightly for three times. Above are recommended usage amounts, please adjust according to the condition of your skin. After applying it to the face, pat the residue onto other parts of the body until it’s completely absorbed.

Q: Should I stop using Mediplus Gel when I have acne or when my skin is inflamed?

A: In the event of acne or inflammation, please avoid contact with irritated areas of the skin.

Q: Can I apply it around my eyes and lips?

A: It is basically safe around the eyes and lips. However, if the product accidentally seeps into the eyes, please rinse with clean water immediately. The gel contains sea salt. Therefore, some stinging may be experienced if the skin is inflamed or injured. Use on lips as you would for chap stick.

Q: My skin feels wet and sticky after I apply the Gel, does this mean it's not suitable for my skin?

A: The sense of stickiness from product usage demonstrates its hydrating qualities and is completely normal. If you are uncomfortable with the texture, please adjust the usage amount accordingly.

Q: My skin starts itching soon after I apply it to my face, does this mean it's not suitable for me? Should I stop using it or keep trying?

A: If product usage leads to redness, irritation or even inflammation, please discontinue use immediately and rinse with clean water.

Q: Using just one bottle of skincare seems to be too little, Am I giving my skin enough nourishment?

A: If your skin feels insufficiently hydrated or nourished, you are welcome to use additional skincare products. However, Mediplus Gel is designed to provide the skin with all necessary moisture and oils and can be perfectly effective when used alone.

Q: Can I use it when my skin is sensitive?

A: Please verify the product for possible allergens. If you are unsure, it is recommended that you try the product on your inner wrist.

Q: Is it suitable for all skin types?

A: It is basically suited to all skin types, but for those with sensitive skin or skin prone to irritation, please test the product on your inner wrist before applying it to the face.

Q: Are there any age or gender limitations?

A: There are no limitations at all.

Q: How should I store it?

A: Please do not store in high temperature or high humidity spaces such as bathrooms; please keep out of sunlight. Please store in a cool or shaded place.

Q: The Gel I purchased this time seems to be in a different colour from before, should I be concerned about the quality?

A: The temperature and humidity of the place of storage may result in changes in product colour, but the quality will remain consistent. Please be assured of our product quality.

Q: The Gel I just purchased is not filled all the way to the top, does this mean I am getting less of the product than I should have?

A: Press pump bottles must contain air inside. Please be assured that all products are fully packaged with 180g of Mediplus Gel.

Q: Can I use Mediplus Gel with other skincare products? What is the order of application?

A: It can be used with other skincare products. Although Mediplus Gel is an all-in-one skincare product, an additional layer may be applied if the skin is not sufficiently hydrated. Alternatively, other skincare products may be used along with Mediplus Gel. The gel contains no preservatives, fragrances, or colorants. Therefore, it is not recommended that you use products containing the above substances with Mediplus Gel.

Q: Can I use it on infants in place of baby oil?

A: Yes you certainly can. The product is designed for sensitive skin and is therefore suitable for infants. Prior to usage, please test product on the inner wrist of your child to test for possible allergies.

Q: My facial makeup creases when I apply foundation to my face after using Mediplus Gel, what is the correct way of application?

A: The gel is extremely hydrating and may feel damp and sticky after application. If you plan to use foundation, apply after the gel has been completely absorbed and when the skin is dry.

Q: I massaged the Gel onto my face but discovered bits of dirt and debris on my skin, what might be causing this issue?

A: Product quality is fully guaranteed. The dirt-like residue is caused by the lack of emulsifiers in the gel (emulsifiers are surfactant additives).