Q: May I know the expiry date? 请问产品的保质期是多久?

A: You can check the expiry date on the product label. Please use as soon as possible after opening to ensure freshness. Recommended usage period is within 3 months after opening. Please store at room temperature and make sure to put away from direct sunlight.

Q: How to use the Mediplus-Gel? 如何使用Mediplus-Gel?

A: Mediplus- Gel is All-in-One skincare product, which contains toner, emulsion, serum and cream, all skincare functions in one bottle; it’s enough to nourish your skin so you don’t need to apply any additional skincare item. All you need is only this bottle after washing your face. However, you need to apply sunblock, BB cream, foundation or make-up after this Gel.
Mediplus-Gel是四合一的护肤产品,包含了爽肤水,乳液,精华,乳霜等所有护肤功效; 它足够保湿来滋养您的肌肤,所以您不需要再涂抹其他的护肤品。您只需要在洗完脸后,涂抹这一瓶即可。但是,您还需要在使用后继续涂抹防晒霜,BB霜,粉底或化妆品。

Q: How much gel should be used in each application to achieve the best results? 一次大概要使用多少量的凝露才有效果?

A: In the morning, press one pump and for evenings, please two pumpa. Above are recommended usage amounts, please adjust according to the condition of your skin. After applying it to the face, pat the residue onto other parts of the body until it’s completely absorbed.

Q: Can I apply Mediplus-Gel around my eye area? 可以使用在眼部周围吗?

A: Surely you can use the Gel as eye cream! You can apply to eye area and it actually helps to moisturize the crow's feet, wrinkle & eye bags! Please apply 1 pump of Mediplus-Gel all over your face – including eye area, then take additional 1 pump and re-apply to your eye area.

Q: Is it suitable for sensitive skin? 敏感肌肤可以使用吗?

A: Mediplus-Gel is basically suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Formulated with the signature ingredient –Hot Spring Water, it helps to heal everything from sensitive and eczema. If you are unsure, it is recommended that you try the product on your inner wrist before applying it to the face.
Mediplus-Gel基本适用于所有皮肤类型,尤其是敏感肌肤。 配方中含有的特色成分 – 来自日本的温泉水,有助于治愈敏感和湿疹等各种疾病。 如果不确定,请在手腕内侧先试用,如果没问题再使用于脸部。

Q: Are there any age or gender limitations? Can teenagers use this? 请问使用上有年龄及性别上的限制吗?青少年可以使用吗?

A: There are no limitations at all. Teenagers certainly can use. Prior to usage, please test product on the inner wrist of your child to test for possible allergies.
Mediplus-Gel对使用年龄和性别没有任何限制。 青少年也可以使用。 在使用之前,请先在您孩子的手腕内侧先滴上些许凝露确认过敏等情况后再使。

Q: How should I store it? Can store in refrigerator? 存储方式是?可以放在冰箱里吗?

A: Please do not store in high temperature or high humidity spaces such as bathrooms; please keep out of sunlight. Please store in a cool or shaded place. Store in refrigerator would be good for the freshness and premium condition.
请勿放置在高温潮湿的场所,如浴室等; 并且避免阳光直射。请保存在阴凉的地方。可以储存在冰箱会,这样更有利于保鲜。

Q: My skin feels wet and sticky after I apply the Gel, does this mean it's not suitable for my skin? 当我涂上凝露后感觉肌肤黏黏滑滑的,这是因为跟肌肤不合适的关系吗?

A: The sense of stickiness from product usage demonstrates its hydrating qualities and is completely normal. If you are uncomfortable with the texture, please adjust the usage amount accordingly.

Q: My skin starts itching soon after I apply it to my face, does this mean it's not suitable for me? Should I stop using it or keep trying? 涂到脸部之后,没多久就感到肌肤有痒痒的感觉,这说明我不适合使用吗?是不是停止使用会比较好呢?还是继续使用看看呢?

A: If product usage leads to redness, irritation or even inflammation, please discontinue use immediately and rinse with clean water.